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Wychwood Vuefinder Flypatch

Wychwood Vuefinder Flypatch
Model: j1608
Prijs: €23,95
Excl. BTW: €19,79
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Wychwood Vuefinder Flypatch

The VUEfinder Flypatch is an innovative approach to fly storage that can be worn by the angler, offering fast access to favoured flies and important tools. When clipped to any garment the clothing clip allows 360 degree fully rotational, rapid access to both the front and rear of this product. The front of the Flypatch is capable of storing up to 38 flies and is accessible via a unique locking clip design with one hand. When open, the registered design of this item creates a workshelf area for the angler and is capable of 'catching' any flies that may fall out when in use. Inside the box are two magnetic 'quick fix' areas for flies when anglers are tying droppers or replacing flies. Housed on the rear of this product is a super-soft fleece for drying out drowned flies and a high quality hook sharpener, which allows the angler to sharpen blunt hooks instantly. This product features unrivalled specification to the angler and is a must have whether bank, boat or river fishing.
Wearable fly storage
Clips to most items of clothing
Single handed easy access
360 degree rotation design
Fleece fabric fly dryer
In-built hood sharpener
Fast attach magnetic fly holders
Capable of storing 38 flies


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