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Sportex Catapult Carp rod

Sportex Catapult Carp rod
Model: AS-143275
Prijs: €144,95
Excl. BTW: €119,79

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Sportex Catapult Carp rod

Catapult Carp

The new Catapult Carp, made of high-moduluscarbon, has a semi-parabolic action and high reset capacity. This makes for powerful long casts that are right on target. It features top quality fittings such as SIC quides, Fuji reel seat and high quality Duplon handle. The tip is soft enough to provide sufficient shock absorbtion if the fish suddenly takes off, which prevents it from slitting free.An excellent carp rod with an outstanding price-to-performance ratio.

Catapult Spod 8 lbs.
The ultimate casting machine! This rod was specially developed to cast bait across extreme distances. Despite its enormous test curve, it boasts a very slim blank, optimum loading performance and it rapidly returns to its neutral position after casting. This helps generate pinpoint casts over long distances, helped by the large, friction-free, high-quality #50 SIC guides. Using this rod, it’s possible to achieve casts in excess of 100 metres, while the FUJI reel seat makes sure the reel sits absolutely tight.

Catapult Marker
A first-class rod for any angler wanting to cast to the perfect spot. The sensitive tip transfers the slightest movement to the handle, which means you get a precise picture of the structure of the riverbed as you fish. The powerful blank and extra large #50 SIC guides ensure the marker float can be sent out over long distances. A moveable rubber ring on the blank also means that the unit of measurement can be adjusted.


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